Monday, 12 September 2016

Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt - Practical Orchard

On Thursday last week I realised I hadn't yet started my Farmer's Wife block for the week! As I was in the middle of sewing a new mini quilt I opted for another quick and easy block with few pieces. This is block 69, Practical Orchard.

Simple though this block is, I had a hard time choosing fabrics for it. I spent ages on Thursday considering different options before putting it all away undecided. Friday morning found me much more decisive and I went with the two fabrics at the top of the box. (I've got all the fabrics, templates and blocks to-date in a plastic tub for convenience and tidiness).

Including Practical Orchard, I have now completed 54 blocks. I finally laid them all out earlier in the month to get an idea of where I'm at and what I have left to do. Here they all are (minus today's block), not arranged in any particular order:

As I don't like my lap quilts too big - just big enough to cover my lap, legs and feet - I think I should be right just making the rest of the blocks I like from the book and avoiding those I'm not keen on. I'm still not sure how I will lay them out, but there's plenty of time to decide yet!

Bye for now,

Hope x

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