Friday, 31 March 2017

Christmas Hearts Mini Quilt – a Finish at Last

I have a number of quilt projects, small and large, that are in need of a relatively few steps to finish. It's something that doesn't normally bother me too much, but for some reason it now does. Maybe it's the knowledge that in a few short months I will have less time on my hands to complete them! With that in mind, I've been slowly finishing off the smaller projects. This is one such project, my Christmas Hearts mini quilt.

The pattern for this mini is included my Christmas Hearts quilt pattern (which I realise now I haven't mentioned yet on the blog!). Each heart finishes at 2 inches square, and I stuck to using fabrics from my scrap bin for each one.

The background is constructed of a variety of white-on-white fabrics from the Shades of Black fabric collection by Me and My Sister Designs for Moda Fabrics. I have a Jelly Roll of the collection and raided the whites for this quilt. I have a lot to say about my experience with these fabrics, but will leave that for another time. Let me just tell you for now that it was not enjoyable. Still, the overall effect is just what I was after. See all the different prints?

I kept quilting to simple stitch-in-the-ditch along each horizontal seam and around each heart. This choice was greatly influenced by the white-on-white background fabrics, which I did not want to quilt over.

The binding is a grunge fabric by Basic Grey for Moda. I had first considered using green, but on auditioning various choices I wasn't happy with any. Then I thought of this off-white fabric with its hints of green and white, and found I liked the subtle way it framed the quilt with just enough contrast to the white for my liking. I did the binding completely by machine in order to finish it up more quickly. Though I do enjoy it, I am very slow at hand-stitching binding!

It is wonderful to have this little project completed at last. It had been sitting on a shelf, basted and ready to quilt, for months. It took just a couple of evenings to get it quilted and bound, which makes me wonder why on earth I left it so long!

If you would like to make your own Christmas Hearts mini quilt, you can find the pattern in my online store or over at Etsy.

Do you have any long-term works in progress that would take just a little time to complete? I recommend you get to it - it feels so good to get them done!

Bye for now

Hope x

Monday, 6 March 2017

Farmer's Wife Sampler - Steps to the Altar

A rather pretty block this week called Steps to the Altar. I tried something different this time - I didn't press any seams with my iron until the end, when the entire block was complete. For me, that is most unusual!

Instead of using my iron I finger-pressed each seam after sewing, concentrating most on the quarter inch at the edge of the fabric where it needed to nest or butt up to another seam.

It was definitely a quicker way of sewing than grabbing the iron each time, and it no doubt saved a little electricity. I'm not entirely sold on it though. It was a little fiddly, and I think it would be more difficult to get a good result with some blocks. In this case though, it worked out ok.

Do you iron your seams as you go, or do you wait till the end? Any particular reason?

Bye for now x