Farmer's Wife Sampler - Steps to the Altar

A rather pretty block this week called Steps to the Altar. I tried something different this time - I didn't press any seams with my iron until the end, when the entire block was complete. For me, that is most unusual!

Instead of using my iron I finger-pressed each seam after sewing, concentrating most on the quarter inch at the edge of the fabric where it needed to nest or butt up to another seam.

It was definitely a quicker way of sewing than grabbing the iron each time, and it no doubt saved a little electricity. I'm not entirely sold on it though. It was a little fiddly, and I think it would be more difficult to get a good result with some blocks. In this case though, it worked out ok.

Do you iron your seams as you go, or do you wait till the end? Any particular reason?

Bye for now x


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