Embroidery Thread Storage - So Neat!

For the longest time, my embroidery thread has been a colourful mess in a tin. Well, not any more!

Three tubes with yellow, light pink and dark pink embroidery thread wrapped around them, sitting in a ceramic tray decorated with yellow and pink roses.

My partner was bringing home small tubes from work, the inside of receipt paper rolls used in the EFTPOS machine, and I thought "Ooh, I can use those as bobbins!" And I did. And I filmed it so I could share: 

It works so well! Incorporating the little sleeve with the colour number on means I have easily identifiable thread and neatly tucked away thread ends.

Using the tubes gels nicely with my "refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle" philosophy. It's a very good feeling keeping something from landfill in a way that is useful and convenient. An added bonus is the price, which was absolutely nothing.

I am convinced that a lot of what we buy is not at all necessary, it's just convenient. I know I could buy purpose-made cards to wrap my threads around and store them that way, but buying anything at all is something I like to avoid when I can. Everything we manufacture puts pressure on our planet and all its inhabitants (us included!). I'm not perfect, (far from it - I definitely have some work to do), but I am trying. 

All that's left for me to decide now is whether to keep storing the threads in a tin or put them on display in jars. Hmm...

Bye for now,

Hope x


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