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Hello! Can you believe we're already into February of 2023? I feel like days just vanish, sometimes. I know that when I note down highlights of the day, or even the little things like what we ate for dinner, it sort of solidifies time for me, or makes the days seem less ephemeral, and I really need to get back into that. Have you tried it? I'd love to hear if you have any daily practices that help you deal with the passing of time, so please let me know if you have any wisdom to offer.  

My daughter started Kindergarten this year. She has now finished her second week and I am still struggling to keep my mind off her and get into a routine. Five(ish) hours a day, five days a week without a little one to look after should offer me plenty of time to do all the things, right? So far, no. I do feel that I'll get there, but clock-watching will still be a thing for a while, I'm sure.

I am pleased to say that I have a new pattern just about ready for publishing though. I just need to take some good photographs, create the cover, and it's good to go! I feel like it's a little different for me, and I do love the simplicity of it. Here is a little peek:

I'm calling the quilt Run Around, and the name actually came to me quickly for a change. It's based on what the back of the piecing of my Zigzag Run table runner looks like. You see how I got to the name? Zigzag RUN turned AROUND. :) I'll share a photo of what I mean when I can find it (anyone else have thousands of unfiled/unnamed photos on their hard drive?)

I have also been getting slowly back into art. I find that, since quilts are my job, I need a hobby to keep me feeling my best emotionally. I particularly enjoy drawing animals, and my niece requested a superb blue wren. Here's where I'm at with that: 

I had to borrow a few pencils from my daughter to get some of the colours I needed, but as of today I have a tin of 120 colours of my own to choose from! A treat for myself using birthday and Christmas money I'd been saving for something special. 

Hope you have a lovely week. 

Bye for now. x X x


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