Hello old friend...

It's really good to see you once again! It's been a long while, I know, since I posted anything here. I had good intentions, started a post even, but found that my energy did not extend to putting words and photos on here in a way that I was happy with. Five years went by and here we are. 

So, what's been happening? Well, let's dive straight into patterns! I have just a couple of new ones. Motherhood has definitely been a priority since having my little girl in June 2017, so these patterns took me a long time to finish. I love them and I hope you will too. 

This is my Cloudy Skies Mini Quilt pattern. It's a cute one at just 14.5" x 16.5" (37 cm wide by 42 cm tall). Being small, it's pretty quick and easy to make and is great for fabric scraps. The background takes just one fat quarter.

If you're after something a bit larger, my Cloudy Skies single-bed quilt may be more for you. It's made in fabrics that might seem odd for clouds, but I love them all, along with the blush background. They add a whimsical feel to the quilt and make it a fun one for a child's bed, almost an eye-spy with all the fun elements such as bunnies, birds, flowers and people. Of course, colours more like the mini quilt (or any fabrics you like) would be fine to use too. 

This quilt is 60.5" x 84.5" (or about 1.53 m wide by 2.15 m tall). Take off the top and bottom border if you like for a good-sized throw quilt. 

It gives you some idea of how long this pattern took me when you look at the size of my daughter in the photo. She was just a couple of months shy of 3 here; she's five months shy of 6 now!

That will do me for this post. I've got a few more things to show for the time I've been away, plus another pattern just about ready to publish. I'll share them another day soon. 

Bye for now. x X x


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