Stitching, Cutting and Taking it Slow

Just a quick catch-up today, letting you know what I've been up to. On the sewing front, it's not a lot. I have done the quilting in the ditch on my Christmas Hearts quilt top (this is the full-size, Adorned version from the pattern):

That is now put away while I concentrate on the cutting out and sewing for my Cloudy Skies pattern, which I hope to release before baby comes. These are the fabrics I'm using. A little different for me, but oh so cute! They are from Birch Fabics, and the range is called The Hidden Garden. The solid fabric they're sitting on is a Cirrus solid in Blush from Cloud 9. All are organic cotton.

The cutting out has not been going well. I can't go for long at all without pain developing, and have to stop for the day - an unexpected side-effect of my pregnancy. It has meant that what I thought would take me an evening to complete has so far taken much longer. I'm nearly there now though, and the pattern is most of the way there too, so I'm trying not to feel discouraged.

I'm also needing to sit with my feet up more than usual, which takes me away from my sewing machine and my computer. While it's been great for getting a lot of reading done, I get restless if I'm not doing some form of sewing or craft during the day. I've decided to pick up an old work in progress, the Scandinavian Rose stitchery BOM. This is a very old WIP, several years old in fact. I'm not sure why it got left, but I'm keen to get going on it again.

Finally, my Farmer's Wife Sampler blocks are at the point where I think I have enough for the layout I've decided on. Fabric requirements need to be figured out now, and fabric purchased. That will most likely be a project for after baby arrives, done a little here and there.

And that's about it! I've also rearranged my sewing room, been writing patterns, designed new quilts, and have been generally getting ready for a baby. Not long to go now, and still there is so much to do!

Bye for now x x 


  1. On the heart tree quilt. What fabric line did you use. It's beautiful

    1. It's called Hello Darling by Bonnie and Camille for Moda.


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