Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Purging, Finishing, Tidying...

Happy New Year! It's not too late to say that, is it? I'm pretty sure six days old qualifies as new.

I've had a little break - from pattern writing, blogging, Instagram... all that computer stuff. It's been a time of getting rid of things I don't need, use or want, tidying and reorganising, and finishing tasks that have been left far too long. Oh, and for relaxing. :)

I tackled my overflowing scrap bin most recently, a regular 'waste paper basket' that I drop all my trimmings, off-cuts and thread ends into. I swear that bin is like the TARDIS - bigger on the inside. Once the contents were spread out on the floor for sorting it was hard to believe it all came from one little bin.

Anyway, I ended up having to re-think my scrap storage system. I had been using plastic sandwich bags - one for each colour - but now I'm using four 10 litre ice cream tubs instead. Much better! Easy to rummage through and plenty of room.

I'm not done with the purging or tidying. I have an overwhelming need to get all the extra stuff OUT of my space, and give myself more room to think. I'm gradually doing it everywhere in the house - except for hubby's study!

It feels wonderful! Perhaps you'd like to give it a go? As habits and happiness writer Gretchen Rubin says "Outer order contributes to inner calm". I'm really finding it to be true.

Bye for now x


  1. Looks nice and neat Hope. I have a cupboard I must clean soon. I stuffed a load of fabric, etc into it just before my holiday company arrived. I'm rather daunted by the task, but I'll have to deal with it soon. I need something that I just know is in the back of that cupboard. By the way, do you still like your rotary blade sharpener?

    1. It is so much easier to get at the scraps now Colleen. I used to have to tip the contents of the sandwich bag onto my table and rummage there. No need for that now. :)

      I hope you summon up the will to deal with the cupboard soon. I think the hardest part is starting - and then perhaps, for me, it's deciding what to do with everything. :)

      I do still like my rotary blade sharpener. It doesn't get the blades 'new from the pack' sharp, but it does a great job. I managed to break the sharpening stone when I turned it, but am coping ok with using half the length. I've found that the blades can't be sharpened indefinitely, but it certainly keeps them going for a lot longer.


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