Friday, 6 June 2014

Thinking about Christmas

I know it's only June, but in this home we celebrate "Christmas in July" (as well as the real Christmas). For us, it's a way to enjoy a day together filled with special moments and maybe a present or two, just for us. My other half is from England and used to the cold-climate Christmases, so it's also a way to enjoy Christmas like he used to as a child. Well, temperature-wise anyway.

Trying out hanging positions for one of our
presents from last year, a print by Jeremiah Morelli

When you're sweltering though 35 degree (Celsius), sunny days like we often get in December in my part of Australia, it can seem a bit ridiculous to sing about "dashing though the snow" and "a winter wonderland". In July, we can sing the songs, enjoy the warming drinks and spices, and snuggle under quilts showing snowflakes and snowmen, and it all feels right.

Aspen Frost Jelly Roll, all ready for cutting

I'm working on a new quilt to snuggle under this Christmas in July. It's made from Aspen Frost fabrics by Basic Grey, and will be a new pattern. The design isn't necessarily exclusively Christmas, in fact it has a couple of alternative versions that don't say 'Christmas' at all, but the fabrics I've sewn it in sure do make it feel festive.

Part of my quilt - such cute snowmen!

Do you celebrate Christmas in July? Do those of you in the Northern Hemisphere like to celebrate in July and experience a hot Christmas? I'd love to know. :)

Bye for now, and happy sewing.

Hope x

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  1. I like your tradition. I'm in California and don't think much about Christmas in July. Depending on where we are for Christmas (we have family in various parts of the state) we can be cold- 50s F or warm -80s F. A white Christmas would be nice for me too.


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