Friday, 27 June 2014


I've been a little sad this past week. My sewing machine broke last Friday while I was quilting... so it's in for a service. I was going so well too, quilting echoing swirls on a table runner:

Since I bought my machine I've never had to do without it, and now I feel a little lost. I'm also a little silly apparently. Since I was quilting when it happened, my brain thinks that it's only quilting I can't do any more, so says things like: "Now would be a great time to finish your curtains!" or "How about you sew a mini block or a Farmer's Wife block instead". Hmm. No, brain, I can't do that because my sewing machine is broken. So silly.

I would guess I'm not the only person who feels lost without their sewing machine, right? What does one do? Well, I have started cutting more hexagons to make more of these:

This quilt will be made entirely from our worn out clothing - except for the white. It will be a mix of polyester, poly-cotton and cotton, and will no doubt take me years and years to complete. That's ok though, it's not a race. I'm more of a slow and careful sewer who enjoys the process than a "Get it done now!" sewer. If I want "instant gratification" I will sew a Farmer's Wife Sampler block, or a pin cushion. How about you? Are you speedy or slow?

I sometimes wish I was speedy, so I could get more done more quickly. I feel decidedly unproductive when I see how much some other people are able to get done. I doubt I'll change though.

Bye for now, and Happy Sewing.

Hope x

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  1. I love your hexagon project. I wish I was as disciplined as you about using worn clothing for projects. I seem to collect the materials and then never use them. Ugh.
    Sorry to hear your machine is in for repairs. I have two hexagon projects that I slowly work on when I can't use my machine, am waiting somewhere for children, and when traveling. It's funny how if I purposefully take a break from sewing I'm fine, but when I don't have access for some reason all I want to do is sew. Hope your machine is back up and running soon!


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